Directors and Officers

The Foundation is managed by fifteen (15) community-minded elected directors.  Each director serves a three-year renewable term.  The terms are staggered.  Below are the current directors and officers:

Directors Officers
Gary Baker President: Maggie Reuter Huber ‘69
Marshall Dawsey V.P.: Marshall Dawsey
Hank Dunn ‘88 Secretary: Debbie Fairchild
Mark Gannon ‘88 Treasurer: Doreen McCarthy Secor ‘77
Brooks MacLeod Greenland ‘89 Executive Director: Dennis Peachey
Irma Henson
Maggie Reuter Huber ‘69 Liaisons
Judy Isaac ’71 Kristine Stradley Watkins ‘95
Leigh Mosier
Ryan Napp ’96
Julianne Packard
Wendy Vargason Roof ‘82
T. Thompson ’96
Randy Williams ‘71