Directors and Officers

The Foundation is managed by twelve (12) community-minded elected directors.  Each director serves a three-year renewable term.  The terms are staggered.  Below are the current directors and officers:

Directors Officers
Hank Dunn ‘88 President: Maggie Reuter Huber ‘69
Shari Williams V.P.: Ryan Napp ’96
Brooks MacLeod Greenland ‘89 Secretary: Cricket Sheets
Irma Henson Treasurer: Brian Driscoll
Doreen McCarthy Secor ‘77 Executive Director: Dennis Peachey
Julianne Packard
John Schoonover ’88 Liaisons
Deb Fairchild Kristine Stradley Watkins ‘95
Wendy Vargason Roof ‘82
T. Thompson ’96
Randy Williams ‘71