About Us

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501 (C)(3)


Our Mission: The purpose of the Foundation is to support the education of the children of the Towanda Area School District by promoting academic excellence at every level through the funding of educational programs, scholarships, student activities and improvements for the school.

The Foundation will raise funds by reaching out to the community, alumni and use other means available to achieve our mission.

Operation: The Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization and governed by 15 community-minded people.  Even though the Foundation governance is independent of the school board, a very co-operative relationship exists to ensure the students of the school district receive the maximum benefit of our work.

Tax Benefits 501 (C)(3): As a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, there can be very worthy tax benefits to our contributors on a short and long term basis.

Use Of Funds: All funds raised are used 100% to benefit the students of the Towanda Area School District.  Our donations to the district are meant to supplement, not supplant, programs of the school district.  We strive to offer help in ways the normal school budget would not include.

History: The Foundation’s first meeting was April 5, 2005.  A start-up committee appointed fifteen directors who soon after adopted by-laws, a mission/purpose statement and a system of electing officers and directors.  The directors meet four times a year as a minimum.

Our work has drawn the interests of alumni, business and friends in general to make the Foundation successful.  Each year we add to the list of those who recognize the value in our work and want to help make a difference.  We now have two part-time liaison employees who help carry out our mission.